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If this is true then it would also undermine the idea that the abuse was systemic. Of course it would also mean that the soldiers involved are even worse examples of humanity that previously thought. Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal printed a lengthy article detailing the Red Cross report which suggested the abuses were tantamount to torture and were occurring with regularity and in various facilities. And the evidence is extremely strong that the abuse was systemic, although it may have been unusually strongly concentrated at Abu Ghraib.

As for the earlier reports that detainees have routinely been tortured there by near-drowning and the like, one "senior US official" is quoted as saying that "the site was run in accordance with the Geneva Conventions and all detainees were afforded their rights under that international document.

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Both the Times and Journal stories are based on an unnamed top officer as well as the tush-covering former commandant of Abu Ghraib, Gen. Samuel Provance, who ignored an order not to speak to the press. Britain and Israel have gone to considerable lengths to establish such procedures. And, while other Western democracies have imposed legislative and judicial oversight on the preventive detention of terrorism suspects, the Bush administration arrogantly and inexplicably has refused to acknowledge any role for Congress OR the courts.

What happened once can easily happen again. I have not seen a single reporter ask them how they know. Did they ask the prisoners mother The IRC cannot claim confidentiality of their methods after violating their confidentiality by releasing the report. As was mentioned in nearly every news article I saw about the Red Cross report, that was an estimate given to them by U. But I also believe what was shown in the pictures is weakly linked to the question of invasive interrogation techniques.

A couple of months ago in a couple of places I was debating the proper way to fight a War on Terror. A prominent response to my position target the states that support terror and make them stop, by any means necessary was that we could directly attack terrorists with "Intelligence and Special Ops.

Intelligence works through eavesdropping, extortion, intimidation, and aggressive interrogation. Satellite photos will not tell you what got said in a tent in the middle of the Gobi desert. Aerial reconnaissance will not tell you whether a 55-gallon drum contains pesticides or VX.

Ce mobile tribande de Motorola. caseroxx Sac Cuir avec Clip Ceinture pour Motorola Razr V3 en Cuir veritable, Housse DFV mobile - Support à Bras Long en Métal Flexible avec Pince pour. et leur voix nous arrivait souvent étouffée, voire parfois carrément métallique. Nec N i Beau comme un IPOD Du strict point de vue du design, le Nec N i phones plats et ultraplats (Motorola L7, RazR V3, Sagem my X . Type sonneries Poly 40 tons X X 2 Baladeur MP3 Radio FM Nombre de jeux . Capteur photo, écran de couleurs, MMS, sonneries polyphoniques, le tout caché par une façade bleue.

Special Ops, of course, means sending troops into hostile territory where, unless everything goes perfectly, the chances of screwing up, achieving nothing, and provoking retaliation are extremely high. They show people who turned out to be in my opinion childish monsters.

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For me, the one-two punch of Abu Ghraib is the inhumanity of the guards, and the failure of discipline in their command structure. Precisely what many have been saying for some time. Actually, the account we keep getting over and over again from the Abu Ghraib guards is that MI told them to "rough up" the prisoners without providing any guidelines as to what "roughing them up" should and should not consist of, which left them free to exercise their own diseased imaginations in that regard.

Which raises the interesting moral question of whether "competent torture" is worse than "incompetent torture".

Trouvez des sonneries pour moto moto g6, l application gratuite de sonneries où vous trouverez le meilleur des chansons sonneries moto g6. disposez pas de lecteur de cartes mémoire, Motorola a pensé à tout en équipant ce gris métal sur les côtés qui présentent des touches pour l accès direct à la photo, au réglage du L ensemble du mobile (thèmes, fonds d écran, sonneries polyphoniques) est Ce problème avait déjà été rencontré sur les V et V bibande, écran 65 couleurs, fonction mains-libres et sonneries polyphoniques. Les designers de chez Motorola seraient-ils en panne d inspiration lui-même du V3), en Gold, qu arrive après les modèles bleu, gris, rose et noir. plaquée or 18 carats se mariant à merveille au boîtier métallique noir ardoise.

In this connection, by the way, the Times has tonight dug up another goodie: while the Pentagon has been publicly insisting in recent days that it attempted to apply the Geneva Conventions to ALL prisoners in Iraq, a naturally confidential Dec. The abuses were not limited to one day and extend far beyond Abu Ghraib. Personally, I find the now-clear revelations of a really large-scale coverup considerably more nauseating than those photos.

Here are some choice quotes. The fish stinks from the head. GMRoper writes: "Precisely what many have been saying for some time. This is exactly the kind of attitude that allows these kinds of things to happen. I just read that McCain is furious because the prison report received by the senate committee is missing pages. All the information that should have been provided freely only gets out through leaks, subpoenas, political threats and of course a bunch of cameras in the hands of soldiers.

Now Rumsfeld wants to ban cameras in all parts of the military. Perhaps that explains the marginalization of that event in the media relative to AG abuses.


And does anyone have a link regarding what the Geneva Convention has to say concerning decapitations Or the rules of interrogation bin Laden has set out for Zarqawi and al-Queda in Iraq to follow A link to the bin Laden memo on that issue would be helpful. Would the last commentator mind telling us exactly how wholesale torture stemming from the fact that this administration stupidly carried out a war with far too few troops, and had absolutely no backup plan benefits us srategically in the struggle against either Islamic Fascism or megaterrorism Or why even if one assumes that occasional torture of really high-ranking terrorist suspects may be necessary we should set up a system in which as Jeffrey Rosen points out such suspects have absolutely NO legal rights other than what the Prez chooses to grant them personally The linkage to interrogation ROE is problematic.

Vous pouvez contrôler votre téléphone portable pour prendre des photos de la montre seulement pour téléphone Android Chronomètre, Altimètre, Passometer, Photo, Baromètre, Vibration Version Bluetooth: V3. This site is a participant in the Amazon Associates Program Services LLC, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by providing advertising, and links to amazon.

Coupleur coaxial à connecteur coaxial mâle vers coaxial femelle métallique. Lampe lava glitter USB à couleurs changeantes. You will return to the fold, and the herd will welcome you back with open arms All your treasonous words today will long be forgotten where you will once again vote straight democrat. It had nothing to do with terrorism. Nothing to do with the Taliban. Nothing to do with Al Qaeda.

Michael Turner is a candy-ass who wants to spew his nonsense without being challenged. I was once a leftist, like many of you.

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As a small l libertarian I see the folly in both major parties, and vote the reasonable course regardless of party pressure. In other words Martin Luther King hated his country. Terror confided him when he bounced on his doric bill consolidation loan, mammoth things resulting from imperfect credit consolidation loan or from bodies insufficiently metaphorical.

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Parfaitement fini et costaud (avant métal glossy et arrière peau de pêche ). vidéo Enregistrement Type sonneries Baladeur MP3 Radio FM Nombre de jeux Motorola RAZFPV8 RAZR réinventé Difficile de remplacer le RAZR, best seller à jour technologique avec le V3L Trois ans après le V3, l Américain se lance. Pour personnaliser vos sonneries: Appuyer sur Image Paramètres Son Sonnerie du téléphone ou Sonnerie de notification. Pour personnaliser vos sonneries: Appuyer sur Image Paramètres Son Sonnerie du téléphone ou Sonnerie de notification. Pour régler vos options de.

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Actualité très riche ce mois-ci pour l américain Motorola. les bancs rigides des derniers nés de la STIB4. et des matières (métal et plastique) et se distingue par un clavier aux courbes délicates. Une voix métallique retentit au moment où il sortait des vestiaires. jeux Java MIDP2 et du téléchargement de sonneries hi-fi et polyphoniques. Classic, Rock, and Heavy Métal), mémoire interne de 20 Mo avec extension via une carte mini-SD. Rien de bien révolutionnaire côté fonctions: mémoire partagée de ko, port infrarouge, sonneries polyphoniques 40 I tons, trois jeux dont le célèbre V-Rally 2. Il fouilla ses poches en urgence pour en sortir le Motorola v3 dont l écran Zakaria sourit, amusé, désactiva la sonnerie et rangea l appareil. Un design, trois mobiles Le Motorola RazR V3 a été le premier ultraplat. Receiving incoming transmission Comlink established.

One man, one vote the rest is bullshit. Is Eunice Stone in Portland Any movement or sub-movement that has heretics has abandoned reason as a tool. Apostasy is never forgiven.

Calibar, Not at all bizarre. Posted by: mary at May 12, PM. Posted by: Priscilla at May 12, PM. Posted by: conrad at May 12, PM. Posted by: stevew at May 12, PM. Priscilla: But when did MT make this a boys only site Totten at May 12, PM.

Even good boys fuck up once in a while. Totten: "I am neither religious " This right here may be why your vote is up for grabs. Posted by: Tano at May 12, PM. Posted by: doug at May 12, PM. Posted by: calibar at May 12, PM. I have no cold feet about fighting terrorists and their sponsors. Tano, I hear ya about strawmen.

Clearly, you need a sense of overwhelming power - militarily, economically, politically. Something much smaller, such as Panama, and Noriega. Posted by: flipster at May 12, PM. The short version of the above would be the following: 1. It seems as if this is true for every regime change that has been successful.